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Last Update on 19-06-2023

Terms Of Services

The following Terms of Service (“TOS,” “Terms” or “Agreement”) apply to your use of our website and all services, features and/or content provided by NetGetIndia (“NetGetIndia,” “us,”, “our” ). NetGetIndia is the trade name of NetGetIndia Internet Services. By purchasing one or more Services from NetGetIndia, you declare that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this TOS. The latest version of our TOS is always available on the NetGetIndia website. It is essential that you read this TOS prior to purchasing any Service(s) from NetGetIndia.

Customer Agreement

The TOS apply to all Services provided by NetGetIndia to you throughout the entire Term or Renewal Term. All customers should agree on all terms and conditions stated prior to their signing up for any of the hosting plans and services mentioned on NetGetIndia. You shall agree to use only licensed and legal third party softwares in connection with your use of our services. NetGetIndia reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer’s access to any or all services provided, at any time, or when NetGetIndia decides that the account has been inappropriately used or otherwise.

Abuse Of Resources

If any client is in any way disrespectful towards any member of the NetGetIndia staff we have full right to remove them from our services without any refund.

Account Verification

If the customer fails to complete the account verification process then no refund would be provided to such customers under any circumstances.

Domain Undelivered Policy

We provide domain, If we can not able to delivered Domain within 2 Hours we will refund to our customers Credit Balance. Its mandatory to Buy DNS Management Without DNS Management we will Cancelled Domain within 1 Hours This amount also non Refundable. If you buy Domain and Still looking for buy it and pay it that also non refundable.


If the customers account exceeds the bandwidth limit, we would inform the customer. If the customer does not wish to purchase extra bandwidth or upgrade his account and continues to exceed their limit, the account shall be suspended until the customer takes measures to ensure that the limit wouldn’t exceed again or when the account is upgraded, which ever is earlier. The account would be reactivated in the following month.

VPS Rules

We generally recommend a control panel to manage and operate the VPS. All customers who have a plain VPS would have to configure the DNS, user accounts, mail accounts and other such activities pertaining to the configuration of such VPS’ themselves. The support team will not be responsible for this.

Unlimited Hosting

“Unlimited” usage policies and definitions apply only to shared and reseller hosting accounts. 

The size of each mail box should not exceed 5GB and combined mail box size per domain should not exceed 50GB. This is applicable for WordPress hosting, Business hosting, Linux & Windows based shared hosting plans.

Unlimited Reseller Storage

All Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha plan has written Unlimited Storage it just because if we set limit then WHM Package creation not work very well. We have set a limit which “If your total cPanel number 50 You have bought then you’ll only able to use 50GB & cPanel Unlimited Unlimited then You only get 100GB Maximum Limit of Storage”. If you use your Number of cPanel Storage then you need upgrade your Plan also we suggest go for VPS or Dedicated Server. After suspension you need to pay Rs.1000 for per 100GB of Usage per Month. If you not respond within the time, We will suspend your Reseller Account.

Hosting Backup

We have provide Daily Backup at no extra charges. We only backup under 5Gb data of Your Hosting. If your Data more then 5GB we have charge extra for backup.

Account Termination

Your hosting account at NetGetIndia can get terminated due to following reasons:

You decide to discontinue : At any point of time, during your subscription, if you no more want to continue with our services and want to place a cancellation request with immediate termination, your hosting account will be suspended right away and will be terminated within 48 hours.

Cancellation upon expiration : If you place a cancellation request to discontinue our services after your subscription expires, your hosting account will be suspended at the end of the subscription and will be terminated within 48 hours (after the expiration date).

You did not renew : In case you fail to renew your hosting account on the due date, your hosting account will be suspended after 24 hrs and will be terminated within 48 hours (after the expiration date).

You violate our Terms of service : If you violate our terms of service during your subscription period at NetGetIndia it will result in immediate account suspension and termination. As soon as we’ve been notified about the violation of service, we would usually take instant action.

Potential fraud : We have an anti-fraud system that monitors all the orders as soon as they are placed. During such an occurrence, we will carry out a verification process manually. In this process, if we ask for certain information and it is not provided the account suspension and termination will be done immediately.

A Dispute or ChargeBack : During the violation of our Terms of Service, we would initially suspend and give a 7 days timeframe to resolve the concern with NetGetIndia before the termination occurs. If still, it remains unsolved termination of your hosting account will take place.

Prohibition of Phishing Activities: We strictly prohibit the use of our domain and hosting services for any phishing activities. Customers are not allowed to create, host, or distribute websites that aim to deceive users into revealing sensitive information such as passwords, credit card details, or personal identification. If we detect any account engaging in phishing activities, both the domain and hosting services will be terminated immediately, and no refunds will be issued.

Content Restrictions: We strictly prohibit the uploading or hosting of any copyrighted materials, including songs, videos, and adult content, Mod Apk. Any account found in violation of this policy will be subject to immediate termination without eligibility for a refund.

Note : It is advised to maintain a back-up copy of your hosting account to avoid losing your data because of the termination. All your files will be deleted from the server, once your hosting account is terminated and NetGetIndia shall not be liable for the same.

Cloud Hosting : Cloud Hosting you can use gaming based site but you need to Buy Cloud Hosting for annual plan. If you buy it for Monthly bases then Your account, Domain & Hosting all gonna canceled.

Price Change

We have the right to update the pricing information at any moment. You have to double-check pricing details whenever you use any service. Only Hosting can be Refundable but we can’t Refund Domain, VPS, Dedicated Server because we Resell it. If You Use coupon core more then 30% Discount it wont refundable.

Domain Policy

Domains are a non-refundable product. If a free domain is registered with any hosting plan, then after the cancellation of the hosting plan, a partial refund will be issued(domain cost will be deducted). We provide domain, If we can not able to delivered Domain within 2 Hours we give refund to our customer. Also DNS Management Mandatory to Buy with Domain, If you wont Buy DNS Management domain will be not activate and it should cancel without any refund. We also provide free domain with only annual plan of Hosting, If you buy Hosting for a Year or more then can get a free domain. Remember Monthly, Quterly, Semiannually, Renewal, Upgrade, Downgrade Dose not have Free Domain.

Coupon Policy

All Discount Coupon only Valid for First time User. If anyone use Any coupon for Multiple Time creating Multiple Account then Account, Domain and Hosting both will Cancel. This amount nonrefundable. If You use Coupon Code and asking Refund then it cant be possible. If you want Refund please do not use Coupon.

Credit Balance Policy

All Credit Balance deposits are non-refundable. You only can use Credit Balance for Buying Hosting.

.US Domain Policy

Nexus requirements apply. A .us domain registrant must be: A US citizen or permanent resident, an organization incorporated in the US, or a foreign or organization that has a bona fide presence in the US. If you are not US Residence and you have bought domain with out US Identity then it non Refundable.


We are providing 7 Days Refund Policy on Hosting for more read Refund policy.



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